About Us

Our mission,
vision, values

Produce industrial and handmade textiles, with natural fibers, that generate sustainable development under the rules of fair trade and provide adequate compensation to firms and artisans throughout Peru.


To be an important national and international economic agent in developing and creating Peruvian natural fiber based products, which provides added value and quality products to our customers, and has an impact in the community.


  • Creativity
  • Punctuality
  • Honesty
  • Social responsibility
  • Teamwork

Our goal is that our team members have a positive and enthusiast attitude towards their job and between one another, and that they may cultivate values such as confidentiality, assertiveness, loyalty, leadership, flexibility and readiness for changes of conditions, with responsibility, empathy, empowerment, proactivity and respect.



This is how ancient Peruvians used to call the wind; the same wind that now inspires our artisans with patterns and designs they masterfully weave to transform colorful threads into equisite pieces of art

Our artisans have art in their hands and their hearts, and successfully manage to capture that art inspired by the wind, by the geographic beauty that surrounds them, and express it in the blankets, cushions, rugs and carpets that you will cherish and enjoy for a lifetime.

    We are committed to sustainable development and work with over 2,000 artisans in Peruvian highlands. They primarily come from mining communities and live in harsh conditions, over 3800 meters above sea level. These harsh landscapes are equally breathtaking and provide our artisans with a unique vision of the world, that allows them to see and feel the nature around them and transform these images and sentiments into true pieces of art.

    Today, Inés serves as CEO, with the same energy her mother taught her, based on the principle of giving back what we’ve received from life. This passion for Peru, for all things Peruvian, was transmitted, from Mercedes, to this next generation.

    Inés has been able to continue Wayra’s mission of connecting you, our customer, with the artisan, the artist that blends art and threads in a first quality product. Wayra work as a direct link between you, and our artisans.

    However, this is not only about selling textiles, but also establishing a personalized contact with the artisan, to understand their skills, and also establishing a relationship with the customer to know what they are looking for and satisfy that need with the right product. Wayra’s service is comprehensive, you receive exquisite products that are ready to be displayed in your store.

    “Engage yourself, never give up. Get up if you fall down. Expand yourself with caution, along with the environment and the market. Side with the market and go ahead”.

    Inés Vizquerra, CEO

    Andes Textiles Perú SAC
    Av. Roosevelt 6442, Miraflores
    Lima 15047

    Phone (+511) 637-1627