Products & Techniques

Our company manufactures home textiles, apparel and accesories with utmost care, paying the greatest attention to the tiniest detail, to meet our customers requirements. Our artisans have mastered ancestral techniques, that are passed from generation to generation, and envolve with their unique ways with technological advances.

We specialize in custom and private label production of handmade textiles using natural, luxurious fibers such as alpaca wool, cotton, wool and other Peruvian blends.

We produce home decor throws, bed blankets, pillows, shams, rugs and other acessories.

Our apparel products include sweaters, cardigans, scarves, shawls, dresses, capes, ponchos, gloves, mittens and hats.


The hands of these hard-working thread magicians have allowed us to be covered and protected from the elements and adverse weather conditions. These pieces become indispensable for our comfort and daily life.

Industrial woven

With the advances in technology, the family-level artisanal fabric had to evolve; it was no longer enough to weave for a small group of people, but at a massive level. This is how textile industries emerged, which continued to warm and comfort people, but now with the added value of design as one of its main attractions.


After separating, tensioning and gathering the warp, the loom is assembled and the weaving process starts. It consists of crossing the horizontal threads of the weave with the vertical ones of the warp.

Hand knitted

Our expert knitters master different techniques, and their work consists of intertwining threads, stitch by stitch, until a first quality product is ready.

Crochet knitted

Our expert knitters master the art of intertwining one or many threads with a hook-shaped needle that create many shapes and colors.

Hand flat machine

Using a knitting machine, our expert knitters make the shuttle go back and forth once and again, to create wonderful designs row by row.

Industrial woven

It’s just like handloom, with threads in warps and weaves. But the fabrics can undergo more processes, and can be washed, softened, decatized and combed, for the fabric to be softer. All along the process, someone operates the machine and many of the final touches are hand made, such as cutting and sewing the fabric, and the fringes.

Industrial Kintted

It also consists of interlocking loops of threads in a horizontal and vertical manner with the help of a set of needles. The knitting leaves a V-shaped pattern.

Sustainable Development, Sustainable Fashion.


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